IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!! my cat is asleep on my bed and his feet and nose are twitching rly fast. he is having a good dream

blogging on the toilet is so relaxing

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gayvoid replied to your post: “#shota/shotaro is a pretty common boys name but it does not mean “boy”…”:
probably cuz it sounds similar to shounen ?

aaa to folks with dyslexia maybe …….. i guess i can forgive folks for getting them confused but i definitely cannot forgive them for parading around a mistake/misreading as Important Cultural Knowledge

i know theres ppl who have learning/reading disabilities and japanese is a difficult language to study if ur in the west but ppplllleeeasssee stop acting like youre an expert in a language you havent studied because you have watched some animes, It Is Embarrassing

#shota/shotaro is a pretty common boys name but it does not mean “boy” where did u ppl come up with that



if you use the word shota then that’s really gross; and you know there are some folks who will say it’s acceptable bc in japanese it just means “boy,” but let’s face it, if you go on the tumblr tag “shota” then what will you find? why would you want to be associated with that? why would you want to continuously use a word that promotes that? when you say shota we are all thinking of the porn that comes with it and you’re making that seem normal. defend it all you want but you can’t deny that.

Also, shota does NOT mean “boy” in Japanese. Shotacon is the shortened form of Shotaro Complex, Shotaro being the name of an anime character (the name of the anime he’s from escapes me but google is your friend). So like, don’t try to justify using shota because you think it’s a perfectly innocent word in Japanese, because it’s still quite clearly refers to something not innocent at all in both languages.

and like, thats fucking hard! its fucking hard to write a good, really good, story about #death and #murder. because theyre very serious subjects. and thats why 90% of grimdark narratives suck because theyre written by folks who think their story can skirt on the weight of death and murder alone. dont do that. write something happy if youre not prepared to go whole hog

the problem w this latest episode of #tokyo ghoul and, more to the point, the whole series is that it breaks one of the most important rules of writing horror

if you want something to be truly scary or grotesque, dont show it. barely even imply it. no matter how awful something is when you spell it out, whatever your viewers/readers will imagine is ten times worse. you have no way of knowing what your readers are afraid of, but they know it better than anyone else

i mean, also, dont write explicit torture/murder scenes because its tacky and distasteful. but definitely avoid it if you want to give the audience chills.

anyway the scene where the kid jumped a motorcycle into a building and shot a bunch of people was really good because it was soooo over the top and fun and exciting. tokyo ghoul might be good if it was more of that and less of this self-serious tryhard heavy-handed elfen lied shit. when u are dealing with Death and Murder either go 100% serious and try to ground yourself in realism, or shoot all the way for ridiculous because anything in between is bad